Breast Pain

Is breast massage hard to learn?

Is breast massage hard to learn?

There is a dearth of education available on breast massage and I have had to create some of the work as I go. While working hands-on with a client, I am gathering dozens of pieces of data. How does this tissue feel? What is its story? Where does it relate to other areas of tension? Is it medically safe for me to work here? Does the client feel emotionally safe with me treating her breast tissue? 

Afraid of Breast Cancer? A Little Knowledge is the Breast Remedy.

"So many breast cancer correlations are out of my control (e.g. age of onset of puberty, not breast feeding, age of onset of menopause). What can I really do to prevent this?" Many natural diet (eating foods rich in iodine, magnesium, vitamin D) and lifestyle changes (exercise) are showing promise for improving breast health. Taking what we know about the cause of breast cancer can lead us away from breast scare and toward breast care. 

Diuretics and Breast Pain

I am adding diuretics to my list of things that can cause breast pain. Therapeutic breast massage can help many breast conditions, but I can't massage medications. A thorough health history is your breast friend to successfully support breast health.