Diuretics and Breast Pain

I recently treated a client who is dealing with "pitting edema with unknown etiology." The major difference between "unknown" and "idiopathic" edema is that the client hasn't completed a work up yet to rule out all the possible causes. So he has "we haven't figured it out yet edema" as opposed to "we have no idea edema." The client pleaded ignorance to my inquiries, but I can't stand not knowing why something is broken and wanted to learn other questions I could ask, so I called Dr. Google for a consultation. The good doctor found me an excellent article on MedicineNet.com that succinctly explains all the edemas that are not lymphedema. It's well worth the fifteen minutes to peruse. I came away with a great pathology refresher and a clearer understanding of which edemas need to be treated with more caution and TLC, versus using the deep tissue "giterdun" protocol. But the most interesting fact for me was: Some potassium-sparing diuretics (eplerenone, spironolactone) cause breast swelling and tenderness (gynecomastia). These medicines increase the amount of water released by the kidney by blocking the hormone aldosterone. Incidentally, these are also used as a treatment for hormonal acne.

So I am adding that to my list of possible causes for breast pain. Therapeutic breast massage can help many breast conditions, but I can't massage medications. A thorough health history is your breast friend to successfully support breast health. Join me for my continuing education class "Breast Massage and the Breast Pain Client" to learn more about my intake forms for breast massage.

List of possible causes for breast pain: Asthma/bronchitis, Augmentation, Biopsy, Bras, Breast massage deficiency, Caffeine, Congestive heart failure, Cyst, Heart attack, Heart burn, Hormones, Idiopathy, Infection, Lactation, Lump, Lumpectomy, Mammogram, Mastectomy, Mastitis, Menstruation, Nerve damage, Nipple piercing, Pectoralis muscle strain, Peri-menopause, Pregnancy, Puberty, Radiation, Rib fracture, Shingles, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Tittie twister, Vertebral subluxation

And potassium-sparing diuretics.

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