Book Review: Fight New Ways- Breast Cancer by Parvis Gamagami MD

Often a picture is worth more than words or studies. Parvis Gamagami, MD, has these pictures in his 2016 book “Fight New Ways: Breast Cancer”. He had a 50-year career in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. While he is unsure about bras in general affecting the genesis of breast cancer, he is convinced that injuries and chronic micro-traumas to the breast tissue can develop into cancer. He has the pictures that show it.

Dr. Gamagami’s book lists eight cases that he oversaw personally in which a breast that had a traumatic event developed cancer within two years. Sometimes the tumors developed as quickly as six months after the injury, always in the exact site of the trauma. He also had the experience of detecting invasive cancer in the thickened line underneath the breast. This was correlated with long-term underwire brassiere use. The constant irritation beneath the breast would develop irritated and thickened skin. When this skin was biopsied, cancer was diagnosed. The tumors sometimes exactly followed the contour of the underwire irritation.

The “Fight New Ways" book is an excellent balance of conventional and alternative ideas about breast cancer treatments. In particular it gives evidence for being very conservative when treating breast cancer, as there is limited proof that the more invasive and heroic treatments add any time to patients’ lives. It is the first book I would buy if I had a new diagnosis of breast disease of any kind, or if I wanted to make an informed choice on my options for breast cancer screening. In particular, the information on the new science of oncogenes is a revolutionary change in creating breast cancer treatment plans.

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