Breast Massage for Lactation: 16 CEUs in Seattle, July 2018


Breast Massage for Lactation: 16 CEUs in Seattle, July 2018

320.00 370.00

July 28-29, 2018
Saturday and Sunday

11745 9th Ave NE,
Seattle, WA 98125

16 hands-on credits: 14 CEUs plus 2 Ethics CEUs

Nurturing mothers as they successfully feed their babies is a highly rewarding practice that supports families in our communities at a profound level. Breast massage and manual expression of breast milk is highly effective in increasing milk production, as evidenced by the many cultures throughout the world that include this work as standard of care on maternity wards. The simplicity of the work allows bodyworkers to easily and confidently incorporate breast massage into their current practices, while adding an appealing and beneficial service to increase clientele.

Class size is limited to 8 students, so material can be customized to students' needs.

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Throughout my years of studying the mammary glands, I have become acquainted with its many personalities. This class will focus on the nurturing aspect of the breast - breast feeding. In order to nurture another, we must first feed ourselves. So Day 1 of this class will focus on the ethics of breast massage for the practitioner, as well as breast self-care practices that practitioners can us , or teach parents to prepare themselves as the mammary glands are expanding during pregnancy. From here develops a breast massage system we can easily meld into any pre-natal massage treatment we are already familiar with.

Day 2 will focus on the transition that happens after delivery, basic lymphatic massage techniques to support fluid flow and "let down", and specific work around the mammary ducts and areola to keep breast milk flowing steadily if impediments or pathology should arise. The physiology of the lactating breast and its natural symbiosis with the infant will be explored. Resources and referrals to appropriate lactation support practitioners will be discussed.

Prerequisite: This class will cover the necessary topics for Washington State's latest requirements to perform breast massage according to 2017 regulations. While it does not require any prior experience in breast massage, it does assume each student has basic pre- and post-natal massage training. Basics of pregnancy massage will not be covered and this class does not replace training or certification in pregnancy massage. The training is open to students of all genders, but class size will be limited to 8 to support the intimacy of the work.