Breast Massage Regulations: We Haven't Come a Long Way, Baby

I am writing to share my utter disappointment with the Washington Board of Massage regarding the ridiculous breast massage regulations they are proposing. The current draft will require a patient to obtain a prescription for breast massage (likely from a person that knows nothing about it), while allowing massage therapists without any breast care training to perform this service. That seems to me like regulating the public, rather than regulating massage therapists.

Below please find the letter I am sending to the Board. These suggestions have been made repeatedly, in person and via email, multiple times over the past year. It has fallen on deaf ears. With enough voices we will not be ignored. Please make your voice heard to protect access to safe breast massage and send an email to and today.

Despite being rebuffed 6 times now, (but who's counting?) I am not giving up this fight. I have been reading Gloria Steinem's inspiring autobiography, which has reminded me that women have been working for hundreds of years to gain personal autonomy over their bodies, while demanding public health protections. I am NOT asking a doctor for permission to have my breasts massaged. It's my body. I AM asking that my therapist have adequate breast care training to protect my safety.

Please send an email to and today. Here is a link to my letter to the Board of Massage. You are welcome to plagiarize my words.