Bra-Free Challenge Healthy Breast Practice Number Three - Do I Have the Breast Intentions?

As we have been building our new healthy breast practice, one of my goals has been to give you the tools to start - and keep - moving forward until this practice becomes a habit. One of the ways I have found to keep practices moving forward is to know what is my Why. Why is this important to me? Why does it matter? I think of the line from “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer:

"It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away.”

When this Challenge falls away on Valentine’s Day, what will sustain your practice? For this we need to set a deep intention. How deep the intention, depends on how much involvement we get on all 5 levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. We have started engaging the physical and emotional bodies by giving our breasts love and asking them what they need. How does that need link back to the vision of our higher self for our happiest and healthiest life?

For example, if my agenda is for my breasts to look better because I don’t like myself and my appearance and I need someone from outside to compliment my breasts to have any self-esteem, then I am likely to buckle in my resolve. The first time someone looks sideways at me without a bra, or in anything that doesn't “lift and separate”, I will collapse back into my old ways. This Why is not sustainable. But If I sit down and have an honest conversation with my breasts and chest from a place of love of and sincere connection, I will come to a place of self-compassion that doesn’t allow me to choose the old habit. It just isn’t my reality any longer.

The first healthy breast practice that I shared with you had some big Why’s for me. Changing my bra wearing habits took me actual years to accomplish. This was because I had the wrong reason: because somebody else told me what I “should” do. It hadn’t come from inside of me. I thought that after having the phenomenal experience in class, in which my breasts were finally soft and pain-free, that I would be able to stick to bra-free living. Apparently avoiding pain isn’t my best motivator, though it can be for many.

After I was acknowledged in one of my favorite books, "Dressed to Kill", and my name was in print, my integrity was called into question. This touched a deep Why for me and started the domino effect. I starting using the tools I had to move from practice to habit. One of these tools was asking friends to join me to create positive peer pressure. The other was studying breast research, to keep reminding my mental body that this really was a great idea.

But the final straw that broke through my wall of resistance was the experience with my client, Kat, who passed away from breast cancer. People are suffering unnecessarily. Breast pain and breast disease is rampant in our society, which is not the case in other societies that avoid tight bras. Our culture has saddled itself to this false belief that who we are inside depends on the appearance of our breasts. Bras alter this appearance to be more “pleasing” to some societal norm. This is causing psychological damage and, it turns out, possibly physical damage as well.

So if we take a moment and feel our feet and our tailbones all connecting to the earth, we might feel we are in our seat and our true sovereignty. Imagine that there are large tap roots extending from your heels and draining excess energy down the back of your body and into the earth for recycling. Next picture roots growing from your toes down into the earth. These roots draw healthy energy up the front of your body to replenish your reservoir. Healthy energy flows up the front of the body to your head. Then excess energy drains down the back of your head, shoulders, hips and legs to reach through the heel roots back to the earth.

In this peaceful, centered seat, ask your deepest self Why? Why is this self-care practice important to me? Why does it matter? Be very open to any pictures, words, symbols or even smells that come to you. Again, don’t judge anything you experience. Treat it like a dream and write down your what happened.

Some of you may flashback to a difficult time related to your own breasts. Others may remember friends or family members that had a life changing time with their breast health. In any case, write it down, or draw it, or sing it, and use that memory as a touch stone when you feel like it’s not worth the effort anymore. That’s your sustainable Why. That moment of looking deeply has the potential to carry you for a lifetime.

Please take a moment to share your Why with your friends in the FB group. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you for the next healthy breast practice.