Bra-Free Challenge Healthy Breast Practice Number Two: What Do Your Breast Friends Need?

Yesterday we told our breasts and chest we love them. Hopefully you introduced yourself in the group and maybe told your Breast Friends’ story, or posted what your breasts or chest said back to you. It’s really helpful to take advantage of community support to start new healthy habits. It’s great to have positive peer pressure! I know I have been reaching out to my friends and family while creating this Bra-Free Challenge for you.

In the process of putting this challenge together, I hit a major roadblock. It was entirely self imposed. I couldn’t finish the second video. There was a whole slew of topics to discuss, with blog posts already written and marketing already happening; but I couldn’t record the next video. I was immobilized. I kept finding something else to do to avoid pressing the record button and moving forward. To get out of this rut, I decided I would do the challenge practices myself, so I would have something to post in the FB group. Then I could lead by example and help start the conversation. I had already done all of these practices over the years of changing my bra habit, but now I could do it with fresh eyes for all my participants. Part of the reason I decided to do the Healthy Breast Practice and tell my chest I love it, is that I had been having some pain and tension around my ribs and breastbone. I thought it was just from my new yoga classes, but the discomfort kept coming back. Maybe this had something to do with my block recording my videos. So I stood in front of the mirror, told my breasts and chest I loved them and waited for a response.

“Not so fast. This is too easy.”

What?!? Too easy?!? Creating this challenge has been far from easy. I had to learn how to run a challenge, manage a FB group, record and edit videos, talk to lots of women about their breasts, learn how to lecture and teach workshops, learn breast massage and lymph drainage, read countless books and articles, plus study how to critique a research article to see if it is useful, and learn to market all of this and try to make a living at the same time. This didn’t even touch the personal demons that I had to stare down again and again:

This is stupid. You can’t do this. Nobody is interested. This won’t make any difference. You won’t do it right.

My mind immediately revolted and said this is not true and my journey has not always been easy. So I turned to a technique from Byron Katie (The Work); “Is this true?” NO

“What happens when I believe that thought?” I was flooded with ideas that my work is not as hard as ditch digging, or construction work, or being a soldier or a police officer or a doctor, etc, etc. "It’s not as much as what other people have to do, it’s not a real sacrifice." What?!? Where did all this come from?

Then I added a technique from my teacher Alaya Chikly (Heart Centered Transformation) and gave this pain and this story a face. When I looked at this face in my mind’s eye, I saw a sad, defeated expression and I heard: “We have to suffer for success.”

WTH?!?This is what is my chest and breasts believe? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. How can we change this and let it go? So I asked them what did they need to be OK? "Friends. Support."

Now I did wonder for a moment if my breasts were being punny (they would sooo do that). But then I realized that I hadn’t heard from people in my inner circle about my challenge. I reached out to one of them and she was so excited. She had forgotten about it and was a little confused about joining the FB group. I walked her through it and she said she had friends that she needed to share this with right away. I felt so much better that one of my best friends was participating, and telling her friends to join. Suddenly I didn’t feel so lonely. The tension in my chest was lighter and I could breathe easier.

There is going to be more to unpack with my mentors and teachers about this loaded sentence “I have to suffer for success.” But I was able to take the next step by asking my body what it needed and getting some Vitamin H: Vitamin Human.

So your next healthy breast practice is to ask your Breast Friends what they need. Typically the answer is simple: Love, Gratitude, Rest, Exercise, Massage, Less sugar, More dancing, Looser bras

These are just some examples. Whatever your breasts or chest ask for, write it down and let your body know you will do your best to bring it what it needs. If it is something that can be done immediately, please honor your body and give it what it has asked for. You may have to put a pin in it for now. We still have 8 more practices, and chances are good that your breasts will get some of what they need from the challenge.

And whatever they ask for, don’t judge it. Just accept the message at face value. Especially don’t compare it to my experience. I have been practicing talking to my body for over 10 years now, so I get answers pretty quickly.

As a bonus, I also suggest that you get some Vitamin H for the rest of this Bra-Free challenge. Find a “breast buddy” or accountability partner who will help you have fun with these practices. Your breasts may not always need elastic support; but they definitely need emotional support.

If you received this from a friend and would like to join the challenge, please sign up for the Breast Remedy Bra-Free Challenge FB group or sign up to receive emails here:

I have included links to Byron Katie at and Alaya Chikly at, if you are interested in learning more about these resources that I use in my Heart Centered Wellness Coaching.

Thank you so much for being here and I will see you for the next healthy breast practice! ~Aubrey*