Healthy Breast Practice Number Eight: A Pastie Can Set You Free

Not just for dancers anymore, pasties can be your nipples breast friends on a chilly day. It is my fervent hope that pasties are going to help me be bra-free during the steamy summer, when multiple layers are not an option. So far I have not found them to be a stand-alone option. I don’t believe that I will ever be able to wear a light colored T-shirt without a bra or tank top underneath. But I am looking forward to someone proving me wrong.

I was completely skeptical of pasties until one of my bra-free co-conspirators told me her story. She was playing with bra-free fashion and repeatedly blinded by the headlight issue. Side-note: I don’t know why headlights were ok in the 70’s and 80’s and now they are not, but I am saying affirmations daily to manifest that trend back into fashion. Yes, that’s what I’m doing with the Law of Attraction. Who wants silly money when we could have free nipples for all??

One of her clients told her that she had used pasties for a backless evening gown and my friend wondered if this would work for her. She played with a few different brands, finally settling on a reusable silicone pair. They passed the test when her spouse dubbed her nip-free, so she wore them out. Her somatic experience was that she found herself standing up straighter and breathing more easily. She did not realized that she had been hunching her shoulders forward to try to hide her headlights until she didn’t have to hide them anymore. This was creating tension in her neck and diaphragm, which was frustrating as this was what she was trying to fix by going bra-free. So I decided to investigate these little flowers and report back to my tribe. Hopefully this will give you a good idea where to start, or at least what NOT to do. First, get the bigger size diameter so the pastie spreads out better. Otherwise they bump out and look weird. Second, go for the petal shape, or even a star shape, over the circular ones. If the curve of the pastie doesn’t match the curve of your breast, it will create folds and (again) bump out and look weird.

Third, look for hypoallergenic materials for the single-use stickers. I have developed rashes from some of them. This is apparently pretty common, so don’t buy a huge pack of them until you are sure your skin won't react to the glue. Fourth, you could have loads of fun with these! There are many cute designs.

Fifth, you have the option to play with the thickness for silicone reusable pasties. If you have pointier nipples, thicker is better. If you have flatter breasts and nipples, thinner is better (or they will bump out and… you guessed it… look weird). So try a different thickness if you aren’t achieving perfect coverage.

Sixth, I am seriously pale (white ass Polish snow). I have not found a pastie that matches my skin color, but there are many skin tone options out there! So if I have a light colored shirt on over the pasties, you can see darker petal outline showing through my shirt. I have to wear dark shirts with these.

Seventh, the reusable silicone pasties are pretty sticky. Do NOT put on over any rash, cut or sunburn. You will cry when you peel them off. They also have some nice ones with no sticky in the center, so it doesn’t pull off your nipple when you remove them (ouch).

Eighth, they do have options with “lift tape” attached so you can raise the roof, if you so desire. These frightened me so I cannot give you any personal feedback on the lift and separate capabilities. I’m not really interested.

So let us know if you have played with these options via email, or in the Bra-free Challenge FB group. Only two more practices left!