Love Your Breast Friends:

Valentine’s Day Bra Free Challenge


Are you concerned about your breast health, or having breast pain, but feel powerless to make a change? Would you like a simple solution - something that you can do for yourself, that is not a pill or a gadget?

My Remedy for the situation is, Moving from Breast Scare, to Breast Care. And our breasts could certainly use some tender loving care. How can we start to implement empowering preventative breast health strategies, instead of living in pain and fear? Since I started studying breast health 10 years ago, the one thing that has remained on my radar is the negative impact of tight bra wearing on breast health.

Valentine's Day Breast Remedy Style: Love Your Breast Friends with a Bra-Free Challenge!

Bras are typically uncomfortable with wires that poke and padding that makes everything sweaty. The tight elastic can reduce lymphatic flow. The most significant improvement I have noticed since I stopped wearing a bra is my breasts don’t hurt anymore. I am pain free. And that bumpy lumpy texture is gone, which helps so much when I am doing my breast self-check. taking off my bra to improve circulation made a great improvement for me. I really want to offer others the opportunity to have the same (or better!) experience that I have had. So I am launching a bra-free challenge to see if people notice changes in their breast health by changing their bra wearing habits and giving their breasts some loving kindness. If you are ready to join the grand experiment, please click the JOIN button below and enter your email.

Are you afraid to discuss your breast health questions? Turns out you are not alone. A Canadian survey found that over 70% of women experience breast pain, but only 4% had asked their doctors for help with it. How do we shift this paradigm and bring breasts into the light?

Starting February 4th, you will receive 10 daily emails through Valentine's Day. These messages will include bra-free fashion tips, links to books, research articles or videos about breast health and how bras are NOT always helpful. I will also share my personal story with my challenges of getting out of my bra and how I sometimes still struggle with this new habit. There will be a closed Bra-Free Challenge Facebook group to support learning and breast wellness discussion in a safe environment. All genders are welcome. So enter your email and click the JOIN button for more details and show your Breast Friends how much you care.


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